Bea Green

Bea Green by name and be green by nature. 

That’s what Bea’s dad always tells her.

But Bea finds it hard to live up to.

 Until, that is, she meets Bessie, a talking honeybee, who is next in line to her colony’s throne.

Bessie is a princess with attitude, but they become firm friends when Bea saves Bessie from an insecticide attack by her horrid next 
door neighbour, Miss Bacon.

Then Bea finds out that developers plan to destroy the woods where Bessie lives to build a shopping mall. 

Can she and Bessie save the woods and the wild bee colony from destruction in time?

This is a fun fantasy adventure story for 6 – 12 year olds, with lots of fascinating bee facts, a bee quiz and a right Royal twist at the end.

BookCover5x8_Cream_130 copy

Try  a sample from Bea’s Bee Quiz below :





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