About the Author

Emma Owen is the author of Get Into UK Medical School 2015. Meticulously researched and written in an engaging style, with the collaboration of a 1st year medical student who successfully gained offers from some of the top medical schools, this book will help any sixth former determined to be a doctor.

Before publishing Get Into UK Medical School, Emma lived in Malawi with her husband and four children, where she wrote books for children.

Her novel, Celebrity Orphan, was shortlisted in the 2011 Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Award, and is a contemporary take on the orphan Annie story. The story is topical and hard-hitting and its themes of celebrity, family and friendship will particularly appeal to 9-12 year olds.

She has also written The Chiku Stories, a series of stories for younger readers, which have been published and distributed in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda and South Africa by the Char Char Trust charity.

Her first book, Bea Green and the Bee Queen, is for children aged 7+ and is a fun story with an important message about the dangers bees face today.

Before writing, Emma studied Chemistry at Nottingham University, was a primary school teacher, and has also taught maths and science at secondary school. She set up and managed a papermaking project for rural women in Malawi, and worked for the UN World Food Programme as a Food Aid monitor during the 1992 drought.

She now lives in a quiet village in the Midlands with her husband, four children and two chickens.


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